We do not allow bulling of any kind. 
Bullying is not allowed in any form. This Includes bullying someone with posts, pictures, videos, using our network to bully anyone will result in a ban from our network. 

We do not allow Religion or religous based conversaions on our network. 
Things that are ok being said are postive sayings ( have a blessed day, godbless you etc). Outside of that we do not allow any religous talks on our network. The reason is religon is a very hot and heated topic that society uses to justify abuse and we simply do not allow this under any circumstances. 

We do not allow politics on our network. 
Politics like Religion is a very hot and senstive topic and is also used to seperate people. We do not want to promote seperation when our entire social platform is based on bringing people together. We want to leave one more issue out of our network that is covered on litterally every other platform. 

We Do not Discriminate against anyone for any reason. 
Discrimination is not acceptable. If you feel like you have been discriminated against on our platform please reach out to us as soon as possible. Yes we understand that that not everyone has the same point of view on a lot of topics and we want to assist people who are being directly attaked and targeted using our platform. If you are going through this and someone is doing this to you please reach out. 

Adult Content
We do allow adult content to be posted. We ask that instead of posting it on the main feed where it is visible to all that you post it in the dedicated groups for that content rating. This is to assist us to keep the adult content out of reach of children as much as possible. 

Drugs and Cannabis
When something is reported we investigate it as quickly as possible. The only "drugs" that are allowed to be posted about on our network is Cannabis, Alcohol, and tabacco products. Anything outside of this unless under educational purposes will be banned and removed. Educational material is the study of the item in question not the Use of or sale, distrubution, or Manufacturing of this item(s). 

No Ghost Accounts
We do not allow Ghost Accounts. Ghost accounts are accounts that are used to Troll, Harrass, and do harm. These accounts are created for the dedicated purpose of doing malicious activities. They have no pictures, no information about the actual user. They do not meet our community guidelines and they will be deleted and banned as soon as we find them. Having a picture or a few pictures in your account is perfectly fine. However these accounts are basic as basic can get, a sunset or something similar that is repeated multiple times to get around certain requirements in signing up.

No Bot Accounts
Bot accounts allow our network to remain open to the "user" which some bot accounts will do their best to gain access to the main files of the website to expose your personal information, such as address and much more. We do not allow bot accounts in our network. They are a security risk and we remove them as soon as they are detected.